The Integrated was born early in 2016 with a vision of seeing every person being who they are created to be and doing what they are created to do.

Who we are is the foundation of what we do. What we believe about ourselves guides our actions in everything.

We exist to awaken you to who you are created to be and unleashing you to do what you are created to do.

It all started when...

I was 9 years old. Insecurity set in. This insecurity reset the trajectory of my life. I lived my life to prove my worth by pleasing others by my performance because I didn't believe I was good enough. The most important people in my life told me that who I was, rather, who I am, was not acceptable, therefore I did not accept myself. Finally at around 25 years old, with some work, I began to understand who I truly am. I learned to accept myself. This changed everything for me. On my quest for purpose and calling, I tried many different options thinking each one was the one I would be doing the rest of my life. Unknowingly, each one led me to the next one, acting as a stepping stone and preparation for what’s to come.